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Wednesday February 8th, 2012 marked the Kick Off for 2012 Celebration of Local Businesses. I was fortunate enough to get out and network with some of Rockford and Winnebago Counties best business owners. We were gathered at Rockford’s own Giovanni’s & Big Al’s Bar where we enjoyed a nice appetizer spread as well as drinks at the cocktail bar.

Winnebago Buy Local has been backed by Lauren and Skyler Davis, owners of Culture Shock here in Rockford. Lauren and Skyler have been local supporters since day one, and were committed to spreading the word about shopping local. Because they know how hard it is to keep a retail store growing in a low-economic growth city, they took on much of the responsibilities of Winnebago Buy Local from the get go to ensure that the exposure was getting out there and people were EXCITED about shopping locally.

I was so impressed by the amount of people that came to support our community and even brought potentially new members. While mingling within the crowd, I was able to chat with such great people such as Jason and Britney of Pirate Ninja Print Shop, Jody Marshall of The Rock River Times, and Ryan Rydell of Coupon Cocktail. I was able to really get to know Jason from Pirate Ninja, along with Ryan Davis the owner of Ryan Davis Photography, and Doug Campbell owner of while we were chatting about the gentleman who mistakenly places his walking cane atop of one of the cocktail tables near a candle and set it a blaze! Great ice breaker for networking, let me tell you! Telling people about being a business owner in Rockford was a great feeling. Also having such a unique business such as a photo booth, was a great way to get people interested in what I do. Aside from meeting new people, there were plenty of familiar faces in the crowd too. Dana from Laynie Bug’s Bows, Angie from All Paws Beauty Salon, Kristan from Grace Funeral & Cremation Services PC, and Tammy from 3G’s Clutter and Collectibles.

I am eager to be a part of the next meeting in March!

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  • It really was a great time. Largest attendance I’ve seen yet. Its great to see the group growing, and the businesses still going strong.

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